Full Home Inspections

Falcon Home Inspection

Typically a buyer with an accepted purchase offer needs a full home inspection within a limited time frame. Falcon offers full home inspections for home buyers. We are available 7 days a week and short notice is not unusual or a problem. Our visual inspection includes a summary of defects, safety issues, and maintenance areas from minor to major. At the inspection site you will be given a folder of pertaining information. Our final electronic summary will be delivered to you usually the same day as the inspection via email, (other means if necessary), with pictured and detailed information of the issues of concern.

Cost for Full Home Inspection

Our fees are competitive and fair. They vary with certain features of the home. With less than 5 minutes of your time we will quote a price over the phone or via email.

Included Services

Interior Inspection
  • Foundation: structural, cracking, leakage (Interior and exterior)
  • Garage: usually more safety concerns here than most realize
  • Basement/crawlspace: here is where we really spend some time
  • Electric: is your service panel and wiring safe from shock and fire hazards?
  • Plumbing: hidden health issues/potential water heater hazards?
  • Heat and Air: how is the condition of that furnace/ carbon monoxide issue?
  • Attic: insulation/ventilation/structure/ moisture –  just to mention a few concerns
  • Interior finishes: may not seem important but these areas may tell a structural story
  • Appliances: we check for operation and visual connections
  • Smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors: do they exist/should more be added?
Exterior Inspection
  • Foundation: structural, cracking, leakage (Interior and exterior)
  • Windows/Doors: weather sealed and safe?
  • Grading, drainage and landscaping: one of our most common issues
  • Exterior finishes: proper installation and maintenance is the key
  • Roofing: everyone knows the importance of the condition here
  • Venting: important for the preservation of many components
  • Exterior electric: Is it safe?