Radon Testing

Falcon Radon DetectionMany have heard of Radon, but may not understand what it is or does to us. Radon is a radioactive gas which cannot be detected by the human senses. Radon gas comes from decaying uranium in the ground. When these Uranium deposits break down they release the gas known as Radon. The gas enters your home through cracks and an opening in your foundation, unsealed sump pits, and loose fitting piping (water, sewer piping, etc.). As radon particles enter your Lungs before the gas can dissipate, the molecules split and puncture the lung lining leaving radioactive material in the lung cavity.

What are the health risks caused by Radon?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency and The Surgeon General, Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer deaths in America next to cigarette smoking. Radon is estimated to cause over 22,000 deaths each year and as many as 8 Million homes throughout the country have elevated levels of radon. The EPA provides maps that show Illinois and Wisconsin areas of concerns  Yellow is low risk orange is moderate risk and red is high risk. EPA maps show Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin are in moderate to potential high risk of having unsafe radon levels. 42% of homes throughout Lake County are found with elevated levels of Radon. We encourage you to view the radon zone maps for Illinois or Wisconsin located on the EPA website.

For more information and frequently asked questions about Radon visit the EPA website.

What is involved with testing?

It is simple and painless. With a little of your co-operation and at your convenience, we will set a 48 hour continuous monitor in your home, and within a day after, we pick up the monitors and email you a detailed report with the readings (or other means if requested).

What do I do if my levels are high?

Not a problem! We supply a list of State licensed Radon gas mitigation companies. Typically a vent system is installed to safely release the gasses to the exterior of your home. The cost of mitigation systems vary from home to home. We make no claims as to what the company you hire will charge. As to our experience the average cost has been $1,100.00 and maybe a little more for 2 story homes. We suggest you price more than one company. We will also return to set up a new test to see how much your levels have been lowered. This test is performed for a reduced price (no coupons may be applied), with no additional cost for extra monitors or travel expense.

For State licensed Radon gas mitigation companies in Lake County, click here.

Cost of a Radon Test

For a low cost, we can test your home for the safety and health of your family. Compare to cancer treatment and human tragedy. Rare situations may call for additional monitors. A one time traveling cost is applied to homes outside a 15 mile radius of Antioch, Illinois (Illinois/Wisconsin State line). Call today 847-643-6565 to set up an appointment.