Isolated Concern Inspections

Falcon Isolated Concern Inspections

Do you have a nuisance area you don’t understand – an occasional wet spot on the ceiling, attic insulation or ventilation issues, fireplace safety fears, the current status of your roofing, structure concerns or moisture in your basement? Falcon Home Inspection and Radon Detection can help! Our professional opinion will guide you to a remedy  and the type of professionals to tackle the areas of concern. If you feel handy, we can many times show you a do it yourself remedy potentially saving you money. We are always available to answer your maintenance and repair questions, even if its weeks following the inspection.

Some issues can also be remedied by us if you let us know that option is open upon your original contact and request with us. A separate quote will be submitted. This applies only to isolated concern inspections.

Cost for an Isolated Concern Inspection

For one trip to view, discuss, and advice, for an isolated concern the cost is $60.00 plus $10.00 for any additional isolated non-related areas of concern. We will email a report with advice and are available at no extra charge for phone or online Q&A. $10.00 trip charge is added for areas more than 15 miles outside of Antioch, Illinois. Coupons or other promotions may not be applied.