Safety Inspections

Falcon Safety InspectionsFalcon Home Inspection and Radon Detection offers safety inspections for home sellers, owners, renters, and landlords. Safety inspections are a mini version of a full home inspection to arm you with knowledge of potential trouble areas for your safety and or the safety of a tenant. They are also designed to aid avoiding a pitfall for the successful sale of your home from what the buyer’s home inspector may find.

Cost for a Safety Inspection

We submit a detailed checklist report at conclusion of inspection in lieu of a computerized summary with pictures. Upon request a computerized summary with pictures is a $30.00 up charge (request must be made prior to inspection). Pricing for homes up to 2,500 square feet is approximately $170.00. For garages add $15.00. For finished basement area add $15.00 Larger homes are priced at site. Call today 847-343-8627 to receive a no-obligation estimate.

Included Services

Contact us for a list of included areas inspected for a safety inspection!

Exterior Inspection Areas
  • Structural concerns: we may identify a concern then further analyze with our interior viewing
  • Possible moisture entry areas: including grade pitch for areas allowing excess water to the foundation
  • Electrical hazards: we often find improper exterior wiring techniques and grounding issues leaving the potential for electric shock, fire, and or electrocution
  • Walkways: step, and stoop trip hazards
  • Wood deck hazards: framing, fastening, steps, and railings. According to a study from Washington State University, “decks cause more injuries and loss of life than any other part of the home structure”
  • Tree trimming: large dead branches over structure and walkways can cause damage and or injury
  • Condition of exterior finished products: prevent multiple issues with basic maintenance
  • Exterior openings: allowing moisture entry and rodent/insect infestation
  • Fireplace: obvious chase/flu and cap conditions
Interior Inspection Areas
  • Foundation: areas of structural concern, moisture penetration and moisture drainage
  • Basement/crawlspace: ventilation, unsealed areas for Radon and moisture concern
  • Structure: multiple components are visibly analyzed for potential trouble areas
  • Plumbing: water heater inspected including proper venting and age noted, obvious drains and supply issues, all leak issues, (active or not), and ensuring all fixtures function
  • HVAC: furnace components including proper venting, obvious potential of cracked heat exchanger, combustible clearances, filter condition,  furnace age, and ductwork condition
  • Electrical: this is where we find the majority concerns all leading to potential shock and fire/ proper panel sizing correlation of breakers and wiring, condition of obvious branch wiring, proper grounding, ground fault interrupter protection, open junction boxes, and loose outlets and switches
  • Stairs: proper headroom, step dimensions, safety railings, hand rails, and landings
  • Fireplace: damper, firebox, flu, condition,/ combustible clearance, spark arrestor, extra time inspecting wood burning appliance
  • Bedroom: egress safety, damaged glass
  • Areas of potential risks: lead based products, asbestos, and mold (certification of these issues will be needed by licensed professionals)
  • Garage: fire protection, overhead door safety, electrical safety, and structure condition
  • Smoke detector carbon monoxide: positioning and existence status